Sunday 26 April 2020

Facemasks -(designer)


a piece of cotton fabric 12x10 inches
a gelli pad or a piece of glass or perspex anything smooth and non absorbent
acrylic paint
if you do not have these but have decorative stamps stamp up the design
a length of elastic to go around the top of your head over the ears
some pretty ribbon or tape to  tie around the neck.
sequins or beads to decorate.


make a contact print on the fabric ( to see this method see my previous post below)
allow to dry thoroughly (possibly overnight)
you need a finished hemmed piece of material 9 x6 inches
put a small dart in both sides of the short side
attach elastic at top and two pieces of ribbon or tape to tie around neck
decorate you finished mask

The acrylic paint rejects fluids when dry but please remember this is NOT complete protection.

The gaps in the design make it easier for you to breathe and the elastic can be pulled down to the neck to speak or if you get too hot. The elastic also makes the mask easier to wear.

Tuesday 23 October 2018

How to use Facebook/tips for Pensioners

How to Use Facebook for retired activists

Firstly I would like to say that although Facebook was set up to be a fun way of communicating with friends, this is not what Facebook does now.  Businesses all use it as a way of marketing and PR.  Treat online at Facebook as a job. Commit a couple of hours a week and don’t let it take over.
1.       Set up your Facebook Account – you can use any title, your name helps people recognise you if they haven’t seen you for a while and you can have more than one or two pages. So I have my personal account, my business page and an activist page.
2.       Try not to put in a lot of personal information about yourself. Minimum is fine.
3.       People can contact you through messenger, located in the top right hand corner.  Download the app on your phone as it is a very useful tool too.
4.       Top right hand corner.

First the title of you page- this is your timeline if you click on it. Second - Home, these are your posts and posts other people(your friends) send you, then messages and notifications this tells you if your post has been shared

5.       Take a piece of paper . Make a list of all the organisations and people you have known in your life, especially younger people, children you have known when you were younger etc.  Then in the left hand top corner there is a search facility- search all those people and invite them to be your friend or join/like/or follow organisations that you have a connection to or would like a connection to.

6.       When you receive a post and it might be that you think it is very useful, then there is no point just reading it and doing nothing.  You can delete it, you can like it – this means that you will keep in touch with your friend otherwise after a while Facebook stops sending you their posts, or you can share it, which means that it will go directly to the place that you share it to. The words  Like and Share are under the post.  I try to like and Share all the posts that I agree with or interest me.To delete – there are three little dots in the top right hand corner of the post. ( It was ages before I realised that this was not just for decoration)  When you see these three dots it means that there is a drop down menu.  Click on them and you will be given a variety of options.  This is very useful if you want to unfollow someone who is a nuisance or offensive.  Of course other people can do this to you too so include funny posts, informative posts and treat your posts as a journalist might, engaging the reader.

7.        These three dots are computer language they appear on other things too, if you see them click on them to explore your options. Eg the very top bar of Facebook

8.       You receive a post and it has -The comment box- This is very useful if you cannot be friends with someone and you are following an organisation.  If, for instance you have a URL (www…..) of an interesting article that adds to the discussion put it in the comment box or you can also create a new post.  But if it is in the comment box other interested people may like what you have said and request to be your friend.- requests are also found in the top right hand corner of your home Facebook page. The more friends you have the better because if they then either like or share your post what it contains then is sent on exponentially.

9.       Create a new post by entering in something where it says  ‘what is on your mind’. It could be a film from Youtube, or an article or something you want to pass comment about but always include the visual stimuli because people respond more to a visual and ( if it has a cat in it that helps!  Ha ha) When you create a new post you can tag someone.  You can only tag someone who is already a friend, but if you know that the friend agrees with your point of view then it will alert them with an email to look at your post and share or like it. Or if your family members will like it too tag them.

Try not to bang on with one theme and be kind to your friends sharing their interests too.  I have some really good Facebook friends, I have never met them but I know them moderately well and this is a very gratifying thing,

This will take you a bit of time – next step do the same thing with twitter but this is a harder thing to master , Twitter is a harder programme, and then you can link the two and when you post to Facebook it will automatically go to twitter – therefore it helps to use the same name for both.

10 That brings me to Blogger.  This is very useful too, this is where you can put your own personal spin on the world, it is free and you don’t need a website. It is run by Google, it is called Blogger. Easy peasy to do. But you need a gmail email address to do it,so set one up and use it for your activism so not to confuse it with your personal stuff. Or your business.

That brings me to passwords, I use a different  password for all these business/activist accounts. And I keep my personal stuff elsewhere.  I use my gmail address as the sign in name and then password is the same for all  of them. Open up gmail and then the other google applications will come up automatically. Keep your sign in and passwords to hand other wise it will be very frustrating.

Blogger, When you make a blog – I have several- you are asked to save as a draft and then publish. At the draft stage blogger has labels not tags and this is how people find your blog so  for my craft blog, I would use the term “how to” this is a very good word on google to use ,it is a standard phrase used by searchers. So I would put as a label How to make a father’s day card for instance. Another standard word is “find”.

Then  publish don’t forget photos in the blog and you will see at the bottom of the post  view blog and share.  If you click share it goes onto Google- Great news people can find you, and you can earn money too but only pence I’m afraid in my case.

When you 2view2 the blog at the bottom of your post there are mechanisms to post directly onto – you guessed it- Facebook and you can go into your blogger account and share on Facebook again and again whenever eyou feel like it and this cuts out some of the work.  Short blog posts work very well.

Setting up a gmail email address will also give you access to  a Youtube account.  That brings me to photos and videos.  Take as many and as often as you can. If you have a smart phone and all your google accounts are set up you can upload directly from your phone.

I use a iphone because at 72 I know these things are child play to the younger generation and that iphones are for older people and children because they are the simplest to use.  I am all for simplifying my life.

I could go on to say how to make a stopframe video for Youtube, which I did here.

Commerce or Conscience?

But this is quite another thing for another time. Again it is quite easy when you know how.

Monday 12 June 2017

How to machine stitch onto card

 I use a six inch white or beige card

  •  You will need three cards to make two finished cards
  • open your card and on the left, draw you image in pencil
  • in black thread and making sure your tension is correct, use a medium stitch length and follow the lines you have drawn in straight stitch.  Zig zag is too severe.
  • If you have any fancy stitches on your machine you can add these to make more of an effect.
  • you can also embellish aafterwards with beads or hand stitching.
  • When finished cut your third card in two and use one half to cover the left hand back glue in place.
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Thursday 20 April 2017

Bunny Comfort Blanket


You will need fleece and a lining fabric ( I used a t shirt)
Contrasting wool
thread to make a face.

Using the template below cut out two bunny bodies and head.  Either stitch around b hand with blanket stitch or do them on the machine.

You can buy white fleece on the internet or you can use an old fleece jacket or a fleece throw which are quite inexpensive.

Make a square of 35 cms of fleece and contrasting material. Make two ties which can be used for a mother to attach to the pram or cot.  Attach these to the inside of the square and machine around. turn.

Fill the body with toy wadding and then leaving a free half inch of fabric, tuck the centre of the square inside the body and stitch down.

Next make the jumper, instructions below and then the face. copy and print off the instructions, they are to scale.  I have a video on youtube called how to stitch a dolls face which you might find useful.

I have found similar comforters for sale at £22 in the shops.

Wednesday 21 December 2016

Christmas Crafts

Make this simple little flower out of coloured card, curl up the petals with a pen and enhance with glitter glue.

In the centre I have put a bit of tinsel but not always necessary

They will make any plain paper wrapping look very special.

Paper Christmas Tree

Another very interesting and quick craft is this Christmas tree.

Make two or three and decorate your Christmas table.

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Covered Book

Covered Book

I completed this project with www,

I really recommend her courses they are great.

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